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Compassionate Family Law Attorney In Vidalia, Georgia

Legal issues that involve your family can be draining, both emotionally and financially. At Downie Law, LLC, we understand this, which is why our experienced Vidalia family lawyer is committed to helping you find an efficient yet effective solution to any complex legal problems with the aim of achieving a lasting outcome for your entire family. We strive to help you make informed decisions while providing compassionate support during what may be a difficult time in order to bring about healing and closure within your home. If you’re in need of legal assistance, contact our office today for a free consultation and learn more about how we can help you and your family.

Every Family Is Unique, Every Family Needs Its Own Solution

At Downie Law, LLC, we take pride in protecting the rights of families throughout Georgia. If you are looking for a reliable family law attorney in Vidalia, GA, don’t hesitate to call us today at (912) 537-9265. Our firm has ample experience with an array of family law matters including:


Despite the fact that nearly nine-tenths of people who marry will inevitably go through a divorce, it remains one of life’s most painful experiences. Here at Downie Law, LLC, we understand this and strive to provide our clients with effective representation for all their legal needs throughout the process.

Child Custody

Crafting an equitable and suitable child custody plan is one of the most difficult parts of divorce – especially when parents can’t agree on visitation times or other matters. Later on, altering a custody arrangement may be advantageous for everyone involved; luckily, our Vidalia family lawyer has extensive knowledge about all aspects of state child custody laws.

Child Support

In Georgia, the amount of child support you are either obligated to pay or entitled to receive is determinable by a legally prescribed formula based on income, family size and other factors. Unfortunately, complications may arise when individuals fail to make payments or use them improperly. Our team can help you with any issue related to child support that may occur.


In the state of Georgia, if one former spouse meets certain criteria to gain alimony—otherwise known as spousal support or maintenance—the other must pay money for financial assistance. Our experienced Vidalia family lawyer can assist you in any and all forms of this rehabilitative process. Alimony is only granted under specific conditions when dissolving a marriage; our team will help determine whether it applies to your case and facilitate an outcome that works best for both parties involved.

Property Division

Georgia is an equitable division state when it comes to property distributions upon divorce, meaning that all assets and belongings acquired during the marriage are subject to apportionment. Unfortunately, disagreements on what is legally “equitable” can easily arise in these cases. Downie Law, LLC helps our clients assert their legal rights during proceedings of property distribution – enabling them a fair chance at achieving a desirable outcome.


With life being filled with political turbulence and frequent changes, a divorced couple may find their former court-ordered agreement to no longer be relevant. Whether it is due to job loss or career growth, illness or good health, attending college, or a child’s needs changing—it can all cause modifications of the original order. We are here to provide assistance in seeking out these necessary adaptations while helping parties challenge them when need be.


In Georgia, fathers need to use the legitimation process (in addition to marriage) in order to gain parental rights over their children. Going beyond paternity acknowledgment, legitimation grants a father legal access and visitation with his kids, while also obligating them financially support them – all matters we specialize in at Downie Law, LLC. Both parents are represented equally here as well so that both parties get what they deserve.

Prenuptial Agreements

Our Vidalia family law attorney is an experienced litigator of prenuptial agreements in Georgia’s courts. From our understanding of the enforceability and disputes of such legal documents to drafting them with precision; our knowledge and expertise ensure you receive superior representation for all your prenuptial agreement needs.


If your marriage is considered “void” under the laws of Georgia, a legal annulment may be within reach. However, due to the exacting requirements for obtaining an annulment in this state, it is essential to seek out experienced counsel and guidance from professionals who know what they are doing – that’s where Downie Law, LLC comes into play. With our help, you can gain access to sound advice and get one step closer to attaining an annulment.

Contempt & Noncompliance

If your former spouse or the other parent of your child has not respected a court order regarding support, custody, and visitation, we can help you file for an action for contempt. On the flip side if such an action is being filed against you then worry not; our family law litigator is adept at providing strong and persuasive defense representation that safeguards your rights.

Grandparents’ Rights

When grandparents assume the role of primary caregivers, they must take legal action to protect their rights concerning child custody. Additionally, if denied access to their grandchild(ren), whether it be due to one parent being deceased or not having visitation privileges with the child(ren), grandparents can pursue court-ordered visitation. Our firm is dedicated and equipped for cases involving any type of grandparent’s rights situation. Let us help you ensure that your grandchildren are taken care of in every possible way!

Our Experienced Vidalia Family Lawyer Can Help

If you are seeking the assurance and clarity that comes from a knowledgeable Vidalia family lawyer, contact Downie Law, LLC now to arrange your free consultation with our dedicated team. We understand how difficult times can be, and that’s why we are here to provide genuine support for your situation. Call us today at (912) 537-9265 to learn more about how we can help you and your family.